Mediterranean Cuisine

The purpose of the constitution of this catering company at home, is to get to "our friends" and "special people to us" in this wonderful country Canada creative cuisine with local products in the country with a strong base and tendency to Mediterranean cuisine to get out the very essence of the two bases "products and cooking". BASE BUILDING SUPPLY OF CULINARY.
The same statement describes the culinary creation was based on typical dishes of the Mediterranean, more specifically that meal that Valencian mothers of where we are, which have put us on the table, every day, with effort, imagination and lots of combination of products that the land offers.
I want to definitely give a personal character, different philosophy than our mothers, healthier, without almost any additives, with the same Mediterranean flavor put on our plates than those of yesteryear, to wallow in an atmosphere of good smells and memories, without forgetting health, choosing to do the best products orchard it gives us this land.